Category: Project Ideas 2014

Hunt a Skill

Hack Details: Dublin has welcomed students coming from every corner of the world and many of these students are very qualified and skilful concerning technology. By adopting the CrowdSourcing model, I want to conect students who are able to execut

KripKart – Hands free control of a competition racing go-kart

Hack Details: A two degree of freedom transducer system to facilitate hands free control of a racing go-kart capable of 0 to 60 in three seconds and a top speed of 120mph by a quadriplegic spinal cord injured individual. (See

Air Quality Index Data Visualisation Tool for Major Cities in China (with a focus on PM2.5)

Hack Details: 1. Worth doing + there is a need: “(see and 2. Can be done: data available from US embassy/consulates Twitter,, and China MEP 3. No one has done it before – currently only real-time data


Hack Details: Farms can be dangerous places. 176 people have died on irish farms in the last 10 years, with 20 people killed already this year alone. I want to take off the shelf wearable tech and hack them to


Hack Details: We plan to build an interactive doorbell that notifies the house tenants via their smartphones and (if available) smartwatches. The plan is to have a camera pointing at the front door, that takes a snapshot when the doorbell

Predator Vision

Hack Details: The Yautja alien characters from the Predator films had technology that allowed them to see different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Using a thermal camera, visible camera and suitable filters is it possible to make a device to

Chording Gloves

Hack Details: Build gloves for chording (one handed typing). Constructing gloves with conductive fabric patches and needs to be made compatible with a phone via bluetooth or something What you need to make it happen?: Bluetoothy phone brains. Will update

Ultraviolet water butt

Hack Details: Create a easy to make solar or wind powered ultraviolet light for water butt or rain water tank to strealise the water for use in the home. What you need to make it happen?: Solar panel ultraviolet light

Large 3D Prints

Hack Details: I want to try to push the size limits of 3d printing by making some more complex assembly than normal. Things like prosthetic hands, prosthetic legs, larger objects and maybe full size Iron-man Helmets What you need to

Drum solo pants

Hack Details: Wearable pants/trousers. Users pat their legs as if drumming to a song. At different parts of the trousers (where you would slap your legs) there are sensors that link to different tones. The pressure/speed etc.. applied alters the

Perfect toast

Hack Details: Get the toaster to recognise who is inserting the bread so it matches their perfect brown /taste. Remember that not everyone can see their toast or feel the current settings #braile What you need to make it happen?:

MIDI Slap Tubes

Hack Details: I’m a musician and a dad. To get the kids interested in music and hacking and the physics of sound I sometimes get them building homemade musical instruments – you know, dried pea shakers, rubber band guitars etc.


Hack Details: Using the wonderful PlotClock ( as a starting point: can we build a similar contraption that can do calligraphy? What you need to make it happen?: Software, hardware, a lot of paper… Name: Becky Twitter/website:

Something soft and sciencey

Hack Details: Let’s find a use for some of the fabric stash and e-textile blibbles that Tríona will be bringing. What you need to make it happen?: Ideas! I’ll be bringing a sewing machine, a knitting machine, some fabric, some yarn, some

The Concentration Box

Hack Details: I want to build a locked box that can only be opened by solving molarity and concentration calculations. There’ll probably be a treat inside for the capable student who solves the basic arithmetic. What you need to make it

Energy tree

Hack Details: Use green tech to make a charging tree. Using solar panels, kinetic energy,  wind and piezoelectrics to create a small scale energy tree with a battery built in to store energy  and use it for charging a phone or other gadgets