Something soft and sciencey

  • Hack Details: Let’s find a use for some of the fabric stash and e-textile blibbles that Tríona will be bringing.
  • What you need to make it happen?: Ideas! I’ll be bringing a sewing machine, a knitting machine, some fabric, some yarn, some conductive yarn, some e-textiles components, some electro-fabric (resistive, conductive, stretchy, etc), we’ll see what fits in the car like
  • Name: Tríona
  • Twitter/website: @triploidtree /
3 comments on “Something soft and sciencey
  1. Tanya says:

    I might get in on this one!

  2. belleray says:

    I’m in barring any disasters between now and next week….

    Still have no ideas.

  3. Judit says:

    Hi Triona! i would love to come, but I can jus on Sunday.. Help to finish the project.. Is it ok with you?

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