• Hack Details: We plan to build an interactive doorbell that notifies the house tenants via their smartphones and (if available) smartwatches. The plan is to have a camera pointing at the front door, that takes a snapshot when the doorbell is pressed. This picture is sent to all subscribed smartphones and forwarded to their linked smartwatches. Users will be able to open the door remotely via their smartphone/smartwatch Potential use cases of this idea are the following: – Get notified that someone rang and but didn’t hear it because you have the music loud or you are wearing headphones. – Notify people with hearing problems (the smartwatch will buzz in their wrist) – If you have two front doors with a small porch in between, you could open the delivery guy the first door to leave the package even if you are not at home
  • What you need to make it happen?: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, camera, servo, cables, smartphones, smartwatches, hardware parts… We should have all needed stuff (sort of)
  • Name: Jordan Nanin
  • Twitter/website: @jordannanin

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