Childcare and Travel Bursaries

So here’s the deal. We want *everyone* to be able to attend Science Hack Day Dublin. One way we do this is by making it free to attend. We also feed everyone for free. So it’s free, right? Well yes and no, attending can add extra costs to someone’s normal weekend expenses and this could make joining in the Science Hack Day fun an impossibility.

After a close vote the committee decided that the heavily anticipated purchase of an official Science Hack Day Zeppelin was too risky and that the money would be better used for these two initiatives:

Childcare bursary

  • If you would like to come but the cost of paying for childcare is stopping you, we will pay it for you.

Travel bursary

  • If you are unemployed or on social welfare and the cost of getting to Science Hack Day is stopping you, we will pay your transport costs for you.

We are completely open to any other ideas that would lower the barrier to entry to Science Hack Day Dublin. If you have one, or any questions about the bursaries drop us an electronic mail ( Details of the bursaries are in the FAQ.



You just read it.

How do I apply?

Fill out the form below. Let us know the costs (an estimate is fine and it’s o.k if it changes). On the day we will give you the cash/paypal. No fanfare, no fuss.

Hold on, are you offering to mind everyone’s kids?

No. We are offering to pay the cost of childcare for people who would like to go to Science Hack Day but can’t because that cost is prohibitive. Sound like you? Please please apply. We will pay for your childcare in your regular place, or for a taxi for a parent/friend to come over to mind the kids (or vice versa). Whatever makes most sense for you.

How much travel cost will you cover?

Live in Dublin: We will pay for your bus/petrol cost for journeys to and from TOG hackerspace

Live outside Dublin. We’ll pay for your bus, train or your petrol costs up and back to Dublin.

How are you going to police it?

We are going to trust you. If you don’t need it, don’t apply. If you do, *please* do.

I’m on social welfare and find the cost of childcare prohibitive. Can I apply for both?


Do you know what you are doing?

Well… no, but it has never stopped us before. We tried this out last year and want to keep it going. We hope it works and helps people. We really want people to apply. If it is super popular we might run out of money. So it could become first come first served.

Aw a Zeppelin! That would have been awesome!

Yep it would!