Hunt a Skill

  • Hack Details: Dublin has welcomed students coming from every corner of the world and many of these students are very qualified and skilful concerning technology. By adopting the CrowdSourcing model, I want to conect students who are able to execut certain tasks to people who might pay these students by executing these tasks. The main aim of this web platform is to help people solving their problems by using the 4 steps below: 1) Select; 2) Hiring; 3) Solve the problem; 4) Feedback. Transforming people’s technology headache into solution. One of the biggest differences of this web platform will be the usage of smarts AIP’s. I intend to offer security and tranquility to the hirer concerning the payment and reversal as to the student by guaranteeing him/her the receipt.
  • What you need to make it happen?: coffee, designers, developers.
  • Your name: Bruno Fraga
  • Twitter/website:

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