On the Day


Please show up at TOG Hackerspace in blackpitts (map) between 9:30am and 10:00am on Saturday (we’ll be kicking things off at 10:00am). See the schedule to get an idea of what happening after that. Check out the getting there page for transport links and car parking.


The event usually fills up a week in advance. If you signed up and have then find out that you’re unable to make it to the event. Please log into eventbrite and cancel your ticket, it only take a few seconds and will help us out when it comes to ordering food etc.


We encourage people to submit project ideas before the event, so people can view and discuss them before the event. They can be submitted here


After the introductory talks on Saturday morning, we will have “lightning talks” sessions for those who submitted a project idea. 2 mins on your idea, who you need and are you missing anything to make it happen. Last minutes ideas on the day are also welcome if we have time.


Bring your hacking tools of choice: laptop, extension cord/power strip, toolbox, arduinos, science kits, various materials, your imagination (lab coats optional). Don’t forget a sleeping bag if you are planning to sleep overnight.

We’ll supply

Wireless internet, hacking space, meals, snacks. Everything you need to happily make things. Also power, but people will out number plugs, so it would be a very good idea to bring a power strip help with our plug matrix optimisation algorithm implementation. We have some tools (3D printers etc) you can use on the day for free.


Food and drink will be provided for you for the whole event. If you got special dietary needs feel free to bring your own food. There is also a shop nearby. In recent years, we have branched out and will have vegan and vegetarian meal options. Also we have discovered fruit.

Sleeping Over

Although it’s called Science Hack Day, it goes right through Saturday night and into Sunday. But you don’t need to worry about where to spend the night: you can stay at the venue, coding and mashing up to your heart’s content. If you want to get some sleep in the venue, please bring a sleeping bag. While of course the best ideas comes at 4am, if you want to go home to your comfy bed and come back fresh in the morning we understand that too.

Most of all

Have fun! If you’re nervous because you don’t have any specific ideas of what to do — or you’ve never been to a hack day before — don’t worry: there will be plenty of people with ideas who will need your skills. Above anything it is a social event, but you’ll probably find it an incredibly rewarding experience to form an ad-hoc team to spend 36 hours creating something crazy and exciting.

If you have any other questions, check out the FAQ. Feel free to email hello@sciencehackdaydublin.com or ask the question on Twitter by giving @scihackday_dub  a mention.