Projects 2015

Pacman goes Hoovering! – Best in Show Winner

sponsored by  ‘EndNote’

People Involved: Kris Szczurowski

  • Hack Details: Using augmented reality to turn hoovering into fun! A Pacman themed game played with a hoover (which becomes Pacman in AR) collecting pac-dots (rubbish) about the room.

Laser Maze – People’s Choice Award

sponsored by  Innovation Academy UCD


People Involved: Laura Tobin, Jeffrey Roe, Robert Fitzsimons, Tanya Branagan


Project Name: LED Advent Calendar


People Involved: Margaret Synnott Sorcha Bowler (with thanks to Robert for hardware and Becky for debugging help)

  • Project Description: Advent Calendar that lights up to show you which pocket you’re allowed to take a sweet from today


  • Project Name: Using EEG Bio Feedback In Communication and Education
  • People Involved: Ronald Hughes Alex Paven
  • Project Description: Measuring how learning works: Attention, Interest, Application, Appraisal, Assessment, Acquisition, Passive retention, Deep impact, Re-enforcement, Rote, Stressed, Retrieval
  • Project Name: Car Dash Audio Hack
  • People Involved: Barry Sweeney Harry van Haaren
  • Project Description: Create a car dashboard panel, containing old-school VU meter dials to show the low-frequencies played by the subwoofer.
  • Project Name: North Star Necklace
  • People Involved: Robert Fitzsimons Lucy Patterson Can Eldem
  • Project Description: We (almost) made a LED necklace that lights up at its northern-most point for magnetoreception superpowers like a migratory bird.
  • Anything else?: Hardware: lilypad USB, Adafruit FLORA accelerometer/compass sensor, neopixels strip.


  • Project Name: Pancake Printer
  • People Involved: Paul Gibbons, Joe Thompson, Gareth Boyle
  • Project Description: A printer that prints pictures in batter and then cooks to make a delicious pancake


  • Project Name: SmartR
  • People Involved: Baris, Gigi, Panpan,Petr, Martin, Ian
  • Project Description: Taking and data from an EEG headband (brainwaves) and data from diet/exercise/sleep apps, processing this to determine the factors that determine focus and presenting this visually
  • Links to Code:
  • Anything else?: We had fun
  • Project Name: Healthy Vs Tasty
  • People Involved: Jose Dominguez
  • Project Description: Using the clarifai api you can do two things: – Filter a set of pictures off instagram by values such as food/no-food, tasty food, and/or healthy. – Uploading your own picture the system can tell you how tasty/healthy it is, and a number of other tags that the API identifies about the picture.
  • Links to Code:
  • Project Name: Football Tourism
  • People Involved: Joe McCarthy Hodei Iraola
  • Project Description: The project agregates information about football matches in england from different sources. The user interfaces shows a map, with the location of football matches that fill certain criteria.
  • Links to Code:


  • Project Name: Stem Game
  • People Involved: Everyone
  • Project Description: 3 players One person will the game referee and be used to tell the others what to get and do and explain the outcome from the card on how the science works after each challenge that involves it. Note pads and a timer Deck of STEAM Cards/App (Still in development) Number of Card for each Area each card will tell you what to look for around the house to use in each challenge or what to do. Points Awarded for each game on how well you do at challenge, and how quick you complete the challenge
  • Links to Code:
  • Anything else?: Will keep developing idea and shareing code and game design and test on my KIDS mwahhhhhhhhhhh