Ideas 2014

Hunt a Skill

  • Hack Details: Dublin has welcomed students coming from every corner of the world and many of these students are very qualified and skilful concerning technology. By adopting the CrowdSourcing model, I want to conect students who are able to execut certain tasks to people who might pay these students by executing these tasks. The main aim of this web platform is to help people solving their problems by using the 4 steps below: 1) Select; 2) Hiring; 3) Solve the problem; 4) Feedback. Transforming people's technology headache into solution. One of the biggest differences of this web platform will be the usage of smarts AIP's. I intend to offer security and tranquility to the hirer concerning the payment and reversal as to the student by guaranteeing him/her the receipt.
  • What you need to make it happen?: coffee, designers, developers.
  • Your name: Bruno Fraga
  • Twitter/website:

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KripKart - Hands free control of a competition racing go-kart

  • Hack Details: A two degree of freedom transducer system to facilitate hands free control of a racing go-kart capable of 0 to 60 in three seconds and a top speed of 120mph by a quadriplegic spinal cord injured individual. (See link below for images)
  • What you need to make it happen?: Transducers, pressure sensors, actuators to control braking and acceleration. Programmer/engineer to integrate it all. Co-pilots. Welders, tie-rods, t-slot aluminium. (I have a good bit of this). Lots of improvisers. (arduino, piezoelectric, force sensitive resistors)
  • Your name: Martin Codyre
  • Twitter/website: @martincodyre

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Air Quality Index Data Visualisation Tool for Major Cities in China (with a focus on PM2.5)

  • Hack Details: 1. Worth doing + there is a need: "(see and 2. Can be done: data available from US embassy/consulates Twitter,, and China MEP 3. No one has done it before - currently only real-time data visualisation available, no historic/long-term data visualisation available 4. The tool can be easily extended to cover other places in the world that require such tools, such as India and Latin America
  • What you need to make it happen?: People: programmers, UI/UX designers, data scientists Programmes: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and/or related libraries, back-end programming languages such as Python for mining and storing real-time data
  • Your name: Panpan
  • Twitter/website:

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  • Hack Details: Farms can be dangerous places. 176 people have died on irish farms in the last 10 years, with 20 people killed already this year alone. I want to take off the shelf wearable tech and hack them to make farms safer! Areas to explore: - Farm workers having the ability to geo tag areas of risk on the farm via a smart phone app. Other persons at risk can then be alerted of risks via smartphone or a wearable. - A gas sensor that can detect oxygen levels below normal, indicating the possible presence of other dangerous gases. If there is a lack of oxygen the farmer is alerted via wearable. - An easy to use collision detection system to detect if a person of risk, such as a child, is close by. The child could have a wearable sensor, the farmer has a wearable band that alerts them. - Wearable panic button for lone farm workers and elderly farmers to alert others if they are in distress. Wearable connects to farmers phone as a panic button and calls home to trigger the alert.
  • What you need to make it happen?: I have a small selection of wearables fitbit, sony smart band, ubertooth. Can you lend us your BLE4 wearables? I need hackers who can help with BLE4, gas sensor and hardware.
  • Name: Jason Roe (Cr8or)
  • Twitter/website:

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  • Hack Details: We plan to build an interactive doorbell that notifies the house tenants via their smartphones and (if available) smartwatches. The plan is to have a camera pointing at the front door, that takes a snapshot when the doorbell is pressed. This picture is sent to all subscribed smartphones and forwarded to their linked smartwatches. Users will be able to open the door remotely via their smartphone/smartwatch Potential use cases of this idea are the following: - Get notified that someone rang and but didn't hear it because you have the music loud or you are wearing headphones. - Notify people with hearing problems (the smartwatch will buzz in their wrist) - If you have two front doors with a small porch in between, you could open the delivery guy the first door to leave the package even if you are not at home
  • What you need to make it happen?: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, camera, servo, cables, smartphones, smartwatches, hardware parts... We should have all needed stuff (sort of)
  • Name: Jordan Nanin
  • Twitter/website: @jordannanin

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Predator Vision

  • Hack Details: The Yautja alien characters from the Predator films had technology that allowed them to see different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Using a thermal camera, visible camera and suitable filters is it possible to make a device to be able see the world in Ultra Violet, Visible, Intra Red and Thermal bands. Maybe making a head mounted display.
  • What you need to make it happen?: I've got the following: FLIR Lepton Thermal Camera Module and Breakout, Visible Camera Module, Intel Galileo/Edison. The follow would be useful: UV/Visible/IR Cameras, UV/Visible/IR Pass Filters, Small RGB OLED/TFT Displays. People experienced with OpenCV and/or vision systems.
  • Your name: Robert Fitzsimons
  • Twitter/website: @PartFusion

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Chording Gloves

  • Hack Details: Build gloves for chording (one handed typing). Constructing gloves with conductive fabric patches and needs to be made compatible with a phone via bluetooth or something
  • What you need to make it happen?: Bluetoothy phone brains. Will update when I've pondered more on it
  • Your name: Tríona
  • Twitter/website: @triploidtree /

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Ultraviolet water butt

  • Hack Details: Create a easy to make solar or wind powered ultraviolet light for water butt or rain water tank to strealise the water for use in the home.
  • What you need to make it happen?: Solar panel ultraviolet light battery wind turbine or build one
  • Name: James
  • Twitter/website: @jamesojnr

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Large 3D Prints

  • Hack Details: I want to try to push the size limits of 3d printing by making some more complex assembly than normal. Things like prosthetic hands, prosthetic legs, larger objects and maybe full size Iron-man Helmets
  • What you need to make it happen?: 3D modeling skills,ability to draw 3d models, ideas for large prints even people who are interested and want to get involved. I will take the 3D printers and materials for them.
  • Your name: Colin
  • Twitter/website: @ColinJ_Keogh

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Drum solo pants

  • Hack Details: Wearable pants/trousers. Users pat their legs as if drumming to a song. At different parts of the trousers (where you would slap your legs) there are sensors that link to different tones. The pressure/speed etc.. applied alters the tone, allowing a song or beat to be formed.
  • What you need to make it happen?: Trousers, Sensors, Tones/chords sounds for each sensor, Speaker, Relevant hardware/software package
  • Your name: Jason


Perfect toast

  • Hack Details: Get the toaster to recognise who is inserting the bread so it matches their perfect brown /taste. Remember that not everyone can see their toast or feel the current settings #braile
  • What you need to make it happen?: Toaster, rfid tag/reader, memory to store settings, processing to determine browning
  • Name: Will Knott
  • Twitter/website: @WillKnott


MIDI Slap Tubes

  • Hack Details: I'm a musician and a dad. To get the kids interested in music and hacking and the physics of sound I sometimes get them building homemade musical instruments - you know, dried pea shakers, rubber band guitars etc. I saw this video earlier in the year and have wanted to make one ever since. Then my tech head got involved and I thought I'd love to make a MIDI-able Slap Tube. I'm thinking that Arduino, Solenoids to make the slap and something to read and translate the MIDI files. Can we build, compose and perform the SciHackDay theme tune?
  • What you need to make it happen?: Plumbing Tubes, Arduinos, MIDI Interface, Solenoids, Flip Flops!
  • Name: Stuart Lawn
  • Twitter/website: @stulawntweets



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Something soft and sciencey

  • Hack Details: Let's find a use for some of the fabric stash and e-textile blibbles that Tríona will be bringing.
  • What you need to make it happen?: Ideas! I'll be bringing a sewing machine, a knitting machine, some fabric, some yarn, some conductive yarn, some e-textiles components, some electro-fabric (resistive, conductive, stretchy, etc), we'll see what fits in the car like
  • Name: Tríona
  • Twitter/website: @triploidtree /


The Concentration Box

  • Hack Details: I want to build a locked box that can only be opened by solving molarity and concentration calculations. There'll probably be a treat inside for the capable student who solves the basic arithmetic.
  • What you need to make it happen?: A suitable box (could prep something in advance?), a solid way to lock it (maybe a solenoid?), microcontroller, screen and keyboard (I have a wee usb numberpad if that's useful).
  • Name: Tríona
  • Twitter/website: @triploidtree /

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Energy tree

  • Hack Details: Use green tech to make a charging tree. Using solar panels, kinetic energy,  wind and piezoelectrics to create a small scale energy tree with a battery built in to store energy  and use it for charging a phone or other gadgets in the wild
  • What you need to make it happen?: Solar panels, some other bits and bobs like wiring and batteries and a hope and a prayer
  • Name: James
  • Twitter/website: @jamesojnr

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