• Hack Details: Farms can be dangerous places. 176 people have died on irish farms in the last 10 years, with 20 people killed already this year alone. I want to take off the shelf wearable tech and hack them to make farms safer! Areas to explore: – Farm workers having the ability to geo tag areas of risk on the farm via a smart phone app. Other persons at risk can then be alerted of risks via smartphone or a wearable. – A gas sensor that can detect oxygen levels below normal, indicating the possible presence of other dangerous gases. If there is a lack of oxygen the farmer is alerted via wearable. – An easy to use collision detection system to detect if a person of risk, such as a child, is close by. The child could have a wearable sensor, the farmer has a wearable band that alerts them. – Wearable panic button for lone farm workers and elderly farmers to alert others if they are in distress. Wearable connects to farmers phone as a panic button and calls home to trigger the alert.
  • What you need to make it happen?: I have a small selection of wearables fitbit, sony smart band, ubertooth. Can you lend us your BLE4 wearables? I need hackers who can help with BLE4, gas sensor and hardware.
  • Name: Jason Roe (Cr8or)
  • Twitter/website:

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