Predator Vision

  • Hack Details: The Yautja alien characters from the Predator films had technology that allowed them to see different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Using a thermal camera, visible camera and suitable filters is it possible to make a device to be able see the world in Ultra Violet, Visible, Intra Red and Thermal bands. Maybe making a head mounted display.
  • What you need to make it happen?: I’ve got the following: FLIR Lepton Thermal Camera Module and Breakout, Visible Camera Module, Intel Galileo/Edison. The follow would be useful: UV/Visible/IR Cameras, UV/Visible/IR Pass Filters, Small RGB OLED/TFT Displays. People experienced with OpenCV and/or vision systems.
  • Your name: Robert Fitzsimons
  • Twitter/website: @PartFusion

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