Ideas 2018

The Periodic Table in Muffins

  • Hack Details: This hack combines my two favorite subjects: Science and Food. I plan to recreate the periodic table in muffins, one per element, with icing to match the different groups. This has been done before with cup cakes; I plan to do it with blueberry muffins. I'll be using organic and gluten free ingredients where possible, although cooking them in Tog's kitchen may negate the healthy aspects. I have one helper so far, need people to help with: Cleaning the kitchen & oven 🙂 Mixing Icing Eating.
  • What you need to make it happen?: Just people.
  • Name: Mike
  • Twitter/website: Twitter: @MikeHibbett

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Pi Powered sensors for the blind (detect dog poo, sonar sensor)

  • Hack Details: Create an open source project to let blind and vision impaired people use cheep hardware and sensors to make their own personalized accessibility tools. Phase one will be built on the Raspberry Pi, but other options like Android, ESP 32, Ardunio, other single board computers will also be looked at. Later on in the project, a decision can be made as to whether or not including other disabilities in this project is a good idea or if we can help get other projects running. All code, CAD files and instructions will be released under an open source license.
  • What you need to make it happen?: I have 2 Pis, Ardunios, Some sensors, basic electronics kit, I need, way to make a Pi portable. Power, Case etc, People with experience of setting up open source projects, github, licenses etc. Computer Vision Expert, Website designer, Graphic Designers, Social Media/Video/Audio producer, Wiki creator, server admins, web space to host all of this. Branding expert to come up with a catchy name.
  • Name: Declan
  • Twitter/website:

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Laminar Water Jet

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