Prosthetic arm for teenage rower

    • Hack Title: Prosthetic arm for teenage rower
    • Hack Details: I’ve been working on a prosthetic for a 15 year old rower who is missing his hand and most of his forearm on one side. There is a quite a bit going on to get all the motion right (joints, cabling etc) and designing something that keeps in all attached to him. Some work done, but needs a lot more work.
    • What you need to make it happen?: I’m bringing a mannequin and lots of straps and cable etc and some parts I have designed already.
    • Skills I think I need are: 
    • Some who can work with textiles
      Someone with CAD skills for some 3D printing of parts
      After that people who are just willing to help
    • Name: David McKeown
    • Twitter/website: dj_mckeown