• Hack Title: Edu-toycorder
    • Hack Details: Tricorders, star-fleet’s swiss-army knife can be used for finding the timeline where Hitler lost to pointing at the red-shirted guy and saying “he’s dead Jim.” As a kid, the nearest thing we had was an Eico-360 oscilloscope. Shouting into a microphone, touching the probes to electronic equipment or ourselves. But they were clunky, expensive with dangerously hot vacuum tubes sucking power. Now we can build a pocket-sized educational toycorder for about 10 Euro, with light, sound and electrical probes. What else can we add? Heartbeat? Brainwaves? A pong game? Brainwave-Pong?
    • What you need to make it happen?: I have a Wemos D1 mini with a 128×128 TFT display, some transistors I found scattered on a GAA pitch and code from an attempted pong game.

      I need 3D printing or laser wood burning artists, analog electronics engineers, arduino programmers, digital electronics experts, consumer electronics salvage experts, educators…

    • Name: Brian Nitz
    • Twitter/website: