Drum solo pants

  • Hack Details: Wearable pants/trousers. Users pat their legs as if drumming to a song. At different parts of the trousers (where you would slap your legs) there are sensors that link to different tones. The pressure/speed etc.. applied alters the tone, allowing a song or beat to be formed.
  • What you need to make it happen?: Trousers, Sensors, Tones/chords sounds for each sensor, Speaker, Relevant hardware/software package
  • Your name: Jason
5 comments on “Drum solo pants
  1. Mike Hibbett says:

    Hi Jason,

    this sounds cool. I did a drum machine for Dublin Maker fair this year, so I’ve some practical experience. I’m one of the people helping out on the day, and would be happy to help if I can. Would you like to drop me an email and we can chat about where you are with your project?



    • Jason says:

      “I didn’t know you had to follow up a good idea with loads more good ideas.” Fr ….

      Hi Mike,

      The concept above I have not trialed out with any attempts. It is something that is very much possible – tech wise with where we are at right now.

      What would the situation be based on materials required to try this out? I take it would be pending other participants uptake also.

      Best, Jason

    • Jason says:

      Hi Mike,

      In order for us to give this a shot could we discuss our resource options?

      Logic is here so it should be very doable with some possible collaboration with people focusing their direction on wearable technology.

      Possible dialog with wearable tech companies using touch sensor activation equipment.

      Its the 30th now, so we (anyone who wants to get involved) would have a good two week window of opportunity to gather the needed resources for the event. I’d imagine companies would sponsor use of their equipment for a nice reference in the blog report of the event.

      Please let me know your thoughts.

      Thank you, Jason

      • Mike says:

        I have all the hardware we might need, and tools – although it will help if at least one person who wants to join in on this bring another soldering iron.

        I’ll email you Jason so we can hook up this week


    • Jason says:

      Here is an example of something similar in action with a full detailed description of how it all works. Contributors that have any experience with the elements involved here would be helpful


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