Category: Project Ideas 2016

A better Braille display

Hack Details: Braille displays are extremely expensive (80 char x 2 lines is several thousand Euro) They are also fragile. A bit of dust or dirt can ruin them. They consume considerable battery power to attain the 200 volts necessary

Thermal coloured floating lanterns

Hack Details: Japan’s Toro Nagashi (floating lantern) festival is beautiful. If the color and flash rate of the lanterns depended on the temperature and conductivity of the water, we could do beautiful science with time exposures of the festival. The

Reverse engineering fitbit data

Hack Details: I have a had a fitbit for two years now tracking my sleep, steps, heart rate etc. However I am only able to export very aggregated data even thought the underlying interval data is there (fitbit charge you

Upcycled laundry basket

Hack Details: Tack old washing machine brume. Give it some legs. Cool 1950’s – 1960’s inspired legs made from beach ply wood. Why is it a good idea? Upcycled is good for the planet/environment. A washing machine brume will be

Pimp My Chair

 Hack Details: I use an electric wheelchair to get around, and we have a bunch of ideas for small improvements we could create that would make the lives of wheelchair users much easier. We would love some ideas and help

Bridge Tester

Hack Details: Members of TOG run a bridge building activity for events like Engineers Week. Testing the resulting bridges to destruction is fun, but time consuming and requires a lot of material (about 50kg of mass). The idea is to


Hack Details: When my trash bin is full I have to move it to the gate for garbage pickup van and I hate doing this every Sunday morning so I’ll be building a POC for the robot which will drive

Arduino Controlled Laser Gun

Hack Details: Build a laser powerful enough to burn wood and pop balloons and hook it up to an Arduino for fire control. Possibly robotize it? What you need to make it happen? Arduino, motors, laser diodes, power supply/batteries, power

DIY Vacuum Former

Hack Details: I want to make a home made DIY vacuum former. Think of it like 3D printing but you need the object before you can copy it. What you need to make it happen? Heater. Something to

Create a mini Wave Energy Converter

Hack Details: Using a 1.2m long fish tank we will create waves that will generate an electrical response for a wave energy converter (WEC). What you need to make it happen? I require someone with basic electronics skills to help

Keep your distance – proximity alert for cars passing too close to cyclists

Hack Details: I’m sick of cars driving too close to me. In the rush hour traffic, it might be just that they’re not paying attention, so I want my bike/vest to flash a warning at cars that pass too close.

Levitator Photos

Hack Details: Build a levitator to hold pictures in the air or other objects for the fun of it. What you need to make it happen? Some help to enjoy building the project and document it as a project for

Photographing Water Drops

Hack Details: Water drops have a fascinating if short life. Photographing them is difficult, but not impossible: I’d like to build a simple hardware setup to make this kind of photography available to all. This will require a simple