A better Braille display

  • Hack Details: Braille displays are extremely expensive (80 char x 2 lines is several thousand Euro) They are also fragile. A bit of dust or dirt can ruin them. They consume considerable battery power to attain the 200 volts necessary to quickly move the pins. This also makes them more dangerous than a Samsung galaxy note 7. A friend’s Braille display started smouldering while she was in university. There must be a better way!
  • What you need to make it happen? Electromechanical, materials and 3D printing skills. Braille pins are tiny. Would it be possible to create micro levers? Memory metal, magnetic, electrostatic, pneumatic, hydroponic or steam-powered actuators?
  • Name: Brian Nitz
  • Twitter/website: http://www.opensourcemechanic.com

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