Category: Project Ideas 2015

LED advent calendar

Hack Details: A fabric advent calendar with an LED on each pocket that lights up on the appropriate day. What you need to make it happen?: I have plenty of fabric scraps, and possibly enough red and green LEDs. I

3D Bike Chain Set

Hack Details: I got bored of having pants destroyed by the bike chain and I will work on a standard model 3D-printing-ready easy to adjust to any bike model. What you need to make it happen?: 3D Printer, 3D printing

Peace frequency

Hack Details: Investigate SSVEP (steady-state visual evoked potential) and search for similar phenomena inducted through tactile or auditory system. What you need to make it happen?: An expert on BCI would be a nice to have Hardware : any wearable

Gamify democracy

Hack Details: Improve engagement in e-democracy with game mechanics (points, badges, leaderboards) What you need to make it happen?: Back end developers Game designers Someone who knows something about politics might come handy as well Name: Kris Szczurowski Twitter/website:

Hoover defense

Hack Details: Use augmented reality to turn hoovering into fun! What you need to make it happen?: AR toolkit Software eng/dev with some experience in native mobile development We’ll most likely use unity so c# will be useful Graphic designer

Panic Button

Hack Details: A device to be worn discretely by a person. Low power consumption. Novel/easy way to activate. Once activated device turns on and accesses the GSM/GPS module to send text alerts to contacts and also call to grab their

DublinBikes route planner

Hack Details: Build a website/app that maps the best route between two addresses using Dublin Bikes. Sort of a mixture between Google Maps and the Dublin Bikes app, but combined into one. What you need to make it happen?: Small


Hack Details: Contraption to map effect of nutrition on brain. Eeg headband that measures focus (exists) combined with food diary (as app) that calculates nutritional intake. What you need to make it happen?: Software people, Hardware people and hardware. I

The STEAM game

Hack Details: A game made up of a mix of things you find around the house to teach kids STEAM. What you need to make it happen?: People with a knowledge of diffrent areas in the sciences and figure what

Time flies when you’re having fun

Hack Details: I have a Truesense EEG wearable device that I’ve done some work with before. I’d like to grab the raw data from the Alpha and Beta brainwaves, and use it to count time on a clockface (so time


Hack Details: A robot (shaped much like a turtle) that lives in you home. Control and ipcam viewer via web interface. Attachments for a ball thrower to entertain pets. Also useful while on holiday to check on house (in future

NOW clocks

Hack Details: Tense correct time devices – clocks that tell you that it’s ‘now’, but run at varying speeds and with varying numbers of ticks (there’s a really interesting artsy reason for this, I swear..). What you need to make

Time Stopping Clock

Hack Details: A clock that stops ticking when you look at it. What you need to make it happen?: A clock, Pir sensor or ultrasonic. Arduino or the like. Name: Jeffrey Roe Twitter/website: @jeffrey_roe


Hack Details: A robot to go into places no one else wants to go. ( I really want to build one) What you need to make it happen?: Gear, motors, sensors, getting data, Some craic, Name: James Twitter/website: @jamesojnr


Hack Details: So I’ve noticed of late that a few of my mates have been getting last minute deals for gig tickets from people who advertise via Twitter that they’re unable to make it to the gig, and so send


Hack Details: So I was waiting at the bus stop one day listening to a tune on my iPod that was either downloaded (or taken from a mates HDD – whatevs) and thought …”I’ve not bought this track but like


Hack Details: Measure wave-height,salinity,tide,temperature, pollution… Clean oil-spills. Check out: Protei/Scoutbot OpenROV We’re surrounded by the perfect marine robot testing ground. Let’s make it happen! What you need to make it happen?: Raspberry Pi/Arduino Software Model Boat Power (solar?) Propulsion (sail?)

Football Tourist

Hack Details: Given a set of dates, and a location, show the upcoming fixtures on a map within a given radius. e.g. click centre of London, highlight Arsenal, Chelsea, etc What you need to make it happen?: Not a lot

How big do you feel

Hack Details: People often perceive themselves as bigger, shorter, fatter or skinnier than they really are. But how accurate are people at judging their people shape and how as a result their BMI. What you need to make it happen?:


Hack Details: Smart cheap medical data recorder for under privileged. Create a box with basic sensors, as cheap as possible, with a way of adding patient number and running blood iron check, heart reading, blood glucose, blood pressure, store on cheap free secure cloud.