• Hack Details: So I was waiting at the bus stop one day listening to a tune on my iPod that was either downloaded (or taken from a mates HDD – whatevs) and thought …”I’ve not bought this track but like the tune so much that I’d like to contribute something for enjoying it so … why isn’t there an app that I can click on, via the stock music app, that will send anything from 5 cent to MAXIMUM 2euro/dollars to the artist in question…..?” – A long shot indeed, you’re basically admitting to owning illegal music …. but funds go back to the artists (haven’t exactly sorted out how yet – mayhap central repository DB with Artists details garnered from MP3 Metadata, Artists get in touch to see if there’s anything in the pot for them … we pay out) … and legal wranglings abound… you’d have record companies banging on your door for the database of those who’ve admitted to illegally owning music for one…but hey … Napster, Amazon and many other giants took on da man initially .. and won .. If it took off … you would have monthly / weekly charts indicating the most popular contributed to artist that week … and it’s all voluntary money coming from joe public going back to the Artist This idea can be dissected and dismantled as you wish …don’t expect it to go anywhere .. .but it’s kept my mates and I occupied in the pub over a few pints more than once 🙂 TL;DR: Challenging current copyright and piracy issues by designing an app that will be a voluntary contribution (NO MORE THAN 2euro/dollars/yen/drachma etc . ) to artists via stock music app …contributions are collaborated into weekly charts thereby providing an ‘of the people’ Music Chart to rival the current industry schlock …Artists get due royalties from those who care
  • What you need to make it happen?: BTC Gurus for transaction backend, Legal Eagles to keep the record industry at bay, some Database ninjas to be able to design and assemble the back-end of data collation, and anyone else that can sharpen up this concept into a Golden Pick that can chip away at the 46BN Dollar Piracy industry and give back to the artist
  • Name: Niall
  • Twitter/website: @occupanther

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