• Hack Details: So I’ve noticed of late that a few of my mates have been getting last minute deals for gig tickets from people who advertise via Twitter that they’re unable to make it to the gig, and so send out a tweet offering the tickeet (sometimes free, mostimes at face value). This seems to be a viable alternative to heading to the extortionate sites like etc for someone who’s looking for a last minute ticket. So how about deveoping some ‘App’ or Website that will scrape twitter for up to a week prior to any major gigs for keyword like “ticket”, “going” (or whatever … keywords are not my strong poiut) … and seeing if we can collate all ticket offerings for a gig in a coherent space that people can interact an arrange exchanges. Again .. tis more of a conduit concept … there’s no money to be made here .. move on 🙂 n
  • What you need to make it happen?: Pythonista for the twitter scraping and a sciency data scientist for the analysis of the scrape and a web ninja for the design and presenataion of the scrape for the masses to peruse
  • Name: Niall
  • Twitter/website: @occupanther

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