League of the Digital Dead

Hack Details:  By the beard of Zeus, I declare war on how we think about the big sleep, yes death, the ultimate end game. Before describing the project I’m going to ask as simple question. Do you want to be immortal and remembered forever? Well for all of you who said yes, this project if for YOU, yes YOU. O.k. we all know it’s a right pain to cheat death, but what we can do is preserve as much as possible. I propose creating an open source hardware and software platform capable of capturing and storing everything that makes you YOU, from how you look to your philosophical beliefs for current and future generations to explore and treasure. Think of it as a truly twenty first century tombstone/memorial. The platform should be able to record and preserve the following data. – Images, audio, textual data, video, 3D scans, exported social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc…, other data we’re open to suggestions. It should be – built on open standards, long lasting Accessible, easy to use, easy to hack, reliable, secure and anything else you can think of. Scope for this project is infinite it could one day be used to store one’s entire genome. For the prototype of an outdoor device I propose we build a WiFi accessible solar powered mass storage device lets say 16GB. I have several components here ready for hacking such as – Solar panel with battery storage, USB Keys, low power Wi-Fi router supporting OpenWrt. An indoor mantelpiece unit would be even more straight forward by hacking another OpenWrt router or similar device.
What you need to make it happen?:  Idea people, more hardware, coders, embedded systems engineers. Hey wait a second I want this project to be completely organic in how it evolves, so I need everyone who feels they can contribute.
Your name: Sebastian Dooris (Seb)

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  1. Ian says:

    Something like this is already being done. In DCU no less. I saw it in “Through the Wormhole” season 2 I think. Perhaps a collaboration?

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