Finished Project Submit Page Submission

On: Mar 10, 2019 @ 2:14 PM

  • Project Name: Knitting Genes through the medium of Tweets
  • People Involved: Tree, Alan, Becky, Cheryl, and some back seat coders
  • Project Description: The twitter knitter was first constructed for Dublin Mini Maker Faire 2013. It hung around Tog, gathering dust and tangles, so Tree and Alan decided to give it new lease of life knitting genes!
    A gene is tweeted (with the hash tag and organism), then it’s fetched by some python and converted into an image. The image is then sent to an arduino that manages the pins. A pin up emulates a hole on a punchcard, and down emulates the paper. This way the pattern can be sent to the punchcard knitting machine without having to alter the hardware. Someone then has to stand there, moving the carriage back and forth and a gene comes out by magic!
  • Links to Code:
    (waiting on updates from Tree and Alan)
  • Links to Pictures:
  • Anything else?: Never again