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On: Mar 10, 2019 @ 2:11 PM

  • Project Name: Proto Go
  • People Involved: Paul Eustace
  • Project Description: Go or Baduk  or Wéiqí etc , is a turn based two person board game.

    The object is to strip the game back to it’s basics, to see what the proto-game might have looked like five thousand years ago, and to make it easier to learn.

    In essence :

    Each person places a stone on an empty position on the board.
    If this is beside one of the players existing stones then they now belong to the same group.

    If a stone or group of the other player is surrounded then it’s removed from the board.

    The player with the most stones on the board wins.

    There are other rules common to all board games.
    – it can’t go on forevers
    the game can end early by consent or by using rules to avoid having to fill in every stone
    you can’t have the same board position repeatedly

    Todo – need volunteers or victims to play.

    See how people learn the basics,
    Best way to see when stones are in a group, – do with electronics and blinking lights

    Later on life and death.

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