Category: Project Ideas 2018

Get Animated: Multiplane Animation Stand

Hack Title: Get Animated: Multiplane Animation Stand Hack Details: Let’s build a multiplane stand so we can do some stop motion animation.This could be a simple as a few sheets of plexiglass plus cardboard coffee cups – or we could


Hack Details: Prove that the threshold of available (licence free) photographs exists on the web to produce a documentary-grade projection of a past event. Image meta data would be used, and other types of alignments. What you need to make

DIY Geiger Counter

Hack Title: DIY Geiger Counter Hack Details: Ever wonder how radioactive things are? Prepared to see bananas in a new light? Let’s build a Geiger Counter! I have all the parts – just need to copy the design of a

Face of the Internet

Hack Details:Display an emotion onto an LED screen based on the language from mined comments online. Python scripts and API’s can be used to generate a collection of comments and an SQL database can help process the language once it’s

Sleeper Pod

Hack Details: Let’s build a mobile sleeper pod for whoever needs one. Should be mobile/on wheels. Warm and dry, resist wind and rain. Be lockable. Fit a person, and their belongings. Cheap, sturdy, modular. We’ll design it together so bring

LED Streetlight synchronized window shutters

Hack Details: You know those LED streetlights and yard lights that everyone thought would be the environmental cat’s pyjamas? They’re crazy bright, they keep kids awake, guide bats, turtles and birds to their doom and go right through astronomer’s narrow

Emergency Bat Signal

Hack Title: Emergency Bat Signal Hack Details: Use projected QR codes and balloon-lofted meshduinos (e.g. WeMos D1 Mini) for emergency disaster communication. For example Maker challenge 6 here: What you need to make it happen?: I have a few

Bath the Duck (?)

Hack Details: A fun floaty rubber duck with a temperature display telling you how hot your water is and built in timer with alarm to let you know when it’s time to get out. What you need to make it

The Periodic Table in Muffins

Hack Details: This hack combines my two favorite subjects: Science and Food. I plan to recreate the periodic table in muffins, one per element, with icing to match the different groups. This has been done before with cup cakes; I

Pi Powered sensors for the blind (detect dog poo, sonar sensor)

Hack Details: Create an open source project to let blind and vision impaired people use cheep hardware and sensors to make their own personalized accessibility tools. Phase one will be built on the Raspberry Pi, but other options like Android,

Laminar Water Jet

Hack Details: A Laminar flow is when all water flows in parallel layers, with no disruption between the layers. Think of the water you see in fancy fountains that look perfectly clear and that light passes through like a fiber