A Carbon Monoxide Sniffer Phone attachment or Case/Cover

Hack Details: Lots of people have been found on their sofa overcome with Carbon Monoxide from the gas or other heater they’ve been warming their toes to, and just like that they suddenly find that they are quite dead. As I read another tragic report in the news today, of which such reports like this seem to come thick and fast during spells of cold weather in backward European countries, I thought there must be another way to always be protected from CO, the silent killer. Can you really trust the Hotel you are staying in will be adequately ventilated from deadly invisible heater fumes? Will the heater your Granny puts in your room to keep you warm during the annual visit also turn out to be a death trap? Would you want to carry a device that attempts to protect you from waking up dead? What I propose here is a smart phone case (iPhone or other) that has a slim CO (Carbon Monoxide) sniffing cell built into it. It could run from the phones battery or it would have a separate battery which would supply power to the alarm even when the phone is turned off, or runs out of juice. In fact I think it may be preferable to be independent from the phone completely, merely using the devices energy source to keep it topped up. The unit, on activation would initiate the highest, most irritating shriek and vibration once CO is detected. It would have to be powerful enough to sense fume traces from within a person’s clothes or bags. When you wake up to this fucking weird shrieking banshee noise and vibration coming from your phone, my advice would be to vacate fast and wake everyone else around you and open all doors and windows immediately. As the tag line for this gadget might say; “Don’t wake up Dead”
What you need to make it happen?: Minature gas filter correlation technology, Gas analysys app, iPhone and android case designers
Your name: Bill O’Riordan


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